To whom it may concern, Mr. Bruce Fletcher has asked me for a letter of reference and I am most happy to comply. We have been working with Mr. Fletcher exclusively for all of our insurance needs over the past 7 years. He has proven to be a great assist to our company with particular attention to important details that have made our lives safer and more productive. Mr. Fletcher is always available to us and inevitably comes up with a solution to a complicated problem. He has worked with a number of our staff where he continues to display professionalism and consideration for our individual needs. In my experience as an entrepreneur and manager of this company, we have never come across an insurance agent who is more knowledgeable and volunteers his help with such enthusiasm. Please feel free to call me if you should have any questions.

Bruce Helander
Email: The Art Economistbh@thearteconomist.com
Corporate offices: 230 East 79th Street, Suite 18-A New York, NY 10075
410 Evernia Street, Suite 119 West Palm Beach, FL 33401 T. +1 561.655.1313 F. +1 561.655.8835 Toll Free: 1.877.890.7618

I have known Bruce as a healthcare broker for at least 12 years. Due to his honesty, integrity, warmth, and professionalism, I now also consider him my friend as well. As a busy psychologist, I do not have the time to shop around for adequate medical coverage for both my wife and myself. After I found Bruce, there is no possible way that I would ever trust anyone else to look after my personal medical interests rather than his/her own financial interests. I know that there were many times that Bruce could have easily steered me into expensive, unnecessary coverage’s for his own financial gain but that is not in his genetic makeup. The client always comes before all else with Bruce.

In 2003 I was diagnosed with cancer and as a result I became a risk for insurance companies. Bruce’s calm demeanor during those times with me helped me more than he will ever know. I can assure you that there is absolutely no chance that you will be disappointed with Bruce’s work. I wholeheartedly recommend Bruce if you want peace of mind for you and your family.

Dr. Daniel P. Franco

Working with Bruce Fletcher is always a pleasure. Over the past four years I have relied on Bruce and his Sales Associate, Gisselle to help me work through our unique Small Group insurance needs and my own personal insurance requirements. Bruce is always professional but extremely personable. Above all else, I know I can trust him and his expert advice.
-Elaine Nasta, Office Manager, The Laredo Group, Inc.
Elaine Nasta, Office Manager
The Laredo Group, Inc.
Direct: 954-990-1650
Fax: 954-602-9192

We have the privilege of knowing Bruce Fletcher for over 5 years. Over this period of time, our company has continually evolved and grown, presenting interesting and unusual underwriting criteria. All our requests, as big or as small as they may seem to us, are always addressed by Bruce keeping our company’s best interest in mind. His prompt responses, his attention to details, and his ability to offer various solutions are appreciated in this ever increasing complex business environment. We appreciate that there are many choices today when it comes to our employees and their insurance requirements. Bruce has consistently met or exceeded our business insurance needs and expectations. We look forward to continuing a mutually rewarding business relationship with Bruce Fletcher and his staff.

Kind Regards,
Timothy G. Ischay
US Operations Manager
2019 SW 20 th Street, Suite 101

Lauderdale Marine Center
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33315-1858
Tel: 954 523 2250
Fax: 954 523 2249

It has been wonderful to have Bruce Fletcher and Company Inc. as the health insurance agency for our company.
We know we can count on Bruce & Gisselle to respond to any question or issue that arises quickly and with the outcome we want to see. Furthermore they were essential in our recent change in plans as they took a great deal of time, patience and understanding to re-assessed the costs/benefits of our old plan and propose alternates so we could save money and get similar coverage. I thank you every day!

Sherry Deutsch
Explan International Trade, Inc.

Bruce Fletcher is always there when you need him. Most recently, our company was having trouble navigating through the recent changes in the entire healthcare system. Bruce’s help proved invaluable. It’s great to know that he is always there in your corner!

Harold S. Reitman, M.D.
HW Champion Enterprises Inc.

Bruce, I appreciate the info regarding PEO and will take into account along with the 2 alternate plans.
Regardless the route we take, I am very appreciative of the work you and Gisselle have done, the level of professionalism and level of service.
Willie Rodriguez