Mission Statement


My organization understands the value and the respect towards our clients. The trust they bestow upon us is first and foremost. They deserve the utmost professionalism and attention towards their needs and goals. We listen to our client's needs and maintain our objectivity before offering any solutions. After all, it is their insurance.

Group Benefit Administrator – we provide the best insurance and advise our clients by listening to their desires.

Bruce W. Fletcher, LUTCF


  • Healthcare Reform (Obama Care and the Shop)
  • Family Protection Products
  • Income Protection Products
  • Medicare Products
  • Business Strategies


  • Industry Competitive options and Pricing
  • Face to face meetings at clients conveniences
  • Constant industry awareness emails
  • Anniversary and annual review of client options


  • Highest Level of Respect for our clients, industry knowledge and availability
  • Accessible, licensed staff that return all emails and calls promptly


We have been working with Mr. Fletcher exclusively for all of our insurance needs over the past 7 years. He has proven to be a great assist to our company, with particular attention to important details. Bruce Helander, Editor-in-Chief The Art

Insurance Services

health insurance

Health Insurance

We specialize in Individual coverage for families or individuals that do not have coverage through their employers. We offer gap coverage insurance for those between jobs or within the waiting periods before group insurance begins. Read More

Life Insurance

Life Insurance for the most part is a gift of love from the insured carrying about those they may be leaving behind.Insurance to protect ones family and assets in case of demise.Insurance covering a specific time line. Read More

life insurance


Disability Insurance

The question is what would happen to you or your loved ones if you should become injured in a way that you can earn a living. Who would pay your expenses and for how long would your savings last. Read More